"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."  --T. Edison


Dr. Tina Toosky, MD, NLC, graduated with a medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 2012 after completing a Bachelors Degree at the University of California Irvine in Biological Sciences with emphasis on Neurobiology and Behavior. She then trained in family medicine at the prestigious University of California San Francisco, Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program, named one of the top 10 physician training programs in the U.S.


Since completing her extensive training in broad spectrum family medicine in 2015, Dr. Toosky strives to continue to stay up to date on  all recent science in medicine. She has completed functional medicine gastrointestinal, cardiometabolic, and detoxification advanced practice modules through the    Institute of Functional Medicine. She has also successfully obtained her diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching at the Institute of Health Sciences and is continuing the program to obtain an advanced degree in Nutritional Therapy. 


Will Dr. Toosky be my primary care GP? 

Currently, no. At this time, our resources are set toward providing nutrition and lifestyle therapies and coaching, and Dr. Toosky is not practicing as a GP.

Patients are highly advised to continue seeing their regular GP for routine care and procedures, screenings, and routine care visits (such as PAP smears, immunizations, etc).

Dr. Toosky's nutrition and lifestyle services are supplementary and complementary to the medical care you receive from your GP. 

The overall goal is to carefully analyse your symptoms, biochemistry, and daily habits to find any nutrition and lifestyle factors that may be aggravating your symptoms or creating imbalances in your health.  From this analysis, Dr. Toosky tailors individualized health plans incorporating the nutrition and lifestyle modifications necessary in order to help each unique person take the reigns on their health.

This is a dedicated process, and Dr. Toosky spends up to an hour coaching patients during each consultation session. She also accepts clients who may not have any chronic illnesses and feel generally healthy, but are looking for extra support in weight management, stress management, increasing energy, skin care, and nutrition optimization.  

UPDATE 2019/2020: PLEASE NOTE, Dr. Toosky is on maternity leave at the moment and can not take any new clients at the moment. We apologise for any disappointment.