Our aim is to help empower our patients to be in control of their own health. We are nutrition experts who are educators in our community and allies to our patients. Our goal is to help each of our patients discover their potential and support each person in their journey to self-mastery of a lifestyle that sustains optimal health. Through individualized health expertise and practice in nutritional coaching, we aim to prevent the root cause of chronic disease and support innate long-lasting vitality.


At the Letterkenny Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, we strive to empower you to hold your health in your own hands. We focus on creating plans together to address the root cause of chronic diseases through nutrition and lifestyle.  We support you in achieving your goals for a balanced lifestyle, increased energy, weight management, and stress reduction. Dr. Toosky's goal is to help you live to your full potential and feel like your optimal self.


We are in an era where the prevalence of chronic diseases has risen far above acute illnesses and trauma. More often than not, these chronic diseases can have root causes that can be addressed through nutrition and lifestyle--factors that every individual can take the reins of and, with the right guidance and support, feel empowered to take their health in their own hands. 
At Letterkenny Nutrition and Lifestyle, we offer clients individualized nutritional and lifestyle counselling and address the root cause of many of these chronic diseases, so that we are not just treating symptoms, but helping remove the cause of disease and allowing each person to reach their full health potential and optimal wellness. 
The care we provide is tailored to each individual after careful consultation, taking their symptoms, lifestyle, diet, biochemistry, and personal preferences into into account. Educated in both medical sciences and in nutrition and lifestyle coaching, Dr. Toosky is trained to discover the changes required to help you achieve a state of optimal health and balance. She works with clients, and together, they develop a realistic and achievable plan.

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